Third STSM Call: January - May 2015

Third STSM Call: January - May 2015

The third STSM call for STSMs taking place between January and May 2015 is now closed.
Applicants have been informed of the jury's decision.
A new call for STSMs taking place between July and December 2014 will open in April 2014.


Home Institution

Host Institution


Agnieszka Siwoszek

University of Copenhague

Copenhague, Denmark

The John Innes Center

Norwich, United Kingdom

The relevance of the YxC motif for the stability and functionality of barley powdery
mildew effector

Xiao Lin

University of Wageningen

Wageningen, The Netherlands

The James Hutton Institute

Dundee, United Kingdom

Deploying RLK/ RLP enrichment sequencing to accelerate mapping surface immune receptor in potato

Andrew Howden

University of Dundee

Dundee, United Kingdom


Toulouse, France

Analysis of protein-DNA interactions using FLIM-FRET microscopy

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