Fourth STSM Call: June - Decembre 2015

Fourth STSM Call: June - December 2015

The fourth STSM call for STSMs taking place between June and December 2015.

How to apply

The 4th call for STSMs is CLOSED.

To apply, applicants must complete the online application form (quoting the action number FA1208) and send the following to the STSM coordinator (Godelieve Gheysen) at :

- a written agreement of the host institution

- a letter of support from the home institution (written agreement supervisor or group leader)

- supporting documents (CV, full work plan, list of publications, covering letter)

Following the call, the following candidates were awarded funding to complete their short term scientific mission are :


Home Institution

Host Institution


Anna Coll

National Institute of Biology

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The James Hutton Institute

Dundee, United Kingdom

Identification and confirmation of protein-protein interactions involved in potato defence
response against PVY

Hanna Rovenich

University of Wageningen

Wageningen, The Netherlands


Goettingen, Germany

Investigation of the mode of action of the fungal effector protein Ecp6

Hélène Missionnier

INPT EI Purpan

Toulouse, France

University of Wageningen

The Netherlands

Study of the genomic                diversity of V. dahliae               collected in naturally infested sunflower fields. How knowledge of pathogen genetic structure can be combined with classical disease breeding approach to guide it                  

Maja Brus

Department of Plant Protection Biology, University of Agricultural Sciences

Alnarp, Sweden

Laboratory of Phytopathology, University of Wageningen

The Netherlands

The role of actin filaments in the cell wall synthesis of oomycete Phytophthora infestans

Mara Lisa Alves

Institute of Technologie Chemistry and Biology

Oeiras, Portugal

University of Cologne / Institute of Botany

Cologne, Germany

Gene expression of candidate genes involved in Ustilago maydis infection in contrasting maize inbred lines

Bayantes Dagvadorj

University of Middle East Technical

Ankara, Turkey

Imperial College London

London, United Kingdom

Expression and CoIP, and subcellular localization of Pstha2a5 effector candidate in N.

Lin Huang

University of Haifa


Institute of Biotechnology

Helsinki, Finland

Towards                        positional cloning of the stripe rust                     resistance gene Yr15, derived
from wild emmer wheat: screening the BAC clones spanning a region at the
Yr15 locus on chromosome 1BS using a genomic library from wild emmer G25,
the donor line of Yr15

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