The main objective of the Action is to become a platform for the development of durably resistant crops for Europe and developing countries by mobilising the expertise of scientists from leading European institutions. Exchange between scientists investigating plant resistance, effector function and effector evolution will be intensified, valuable knowledge on pathogen virulence and plant resistance will be compiled and transfer of this knowledge from academic research to plant breeders in private companies or public institutions will be accelerated.

Four specific Objectives will be addressed Working Groups 1 to 4

Objective 1:

Identification of central effectors of important pathogens on cereals and solanaceous crop plants by coordinating research on the functional analysis of pathogen effectors in virulence and avirulence (WG1)

Objective 2:

Identification of central host proteins and processes in cereals and solanaceous  crop plants that are targets of pathogen effectors by coordinating research on the functional analysis of virulence targets in plants (WG2).

Objective 3:

Prediction of  the agronomical lifespan of resistance genes and host targets by coordinating research on deciphering the mechanism underlying effector evolution and diversity in major cereal and solanaceous  pathogens (WG3).

Objective 4:

Identification of  broadspectrum resistance genes and other central host targets in crop germplasm collections and breeding material by coordinating research on plant immune receptors that recognise central effectors and allelic variants of central host targets (WG4).


For additional information, please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding

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