Workshop on structure-guided investigation of effector function, action and recognition

Workshop on structure-guided investigation of effector function, action and recognition

The second workshop of the COST FA1208 SUSTAIN Action, focussing on structure-guided investigation of effector function, action and recognition scheduled took place in Bucharest, Romania from 10-12 September 2014.
The workshop was organized by Dr. Andrei José Petrescu of the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy (IBAR), Romania and welcomed 45 participants.

Bucharest Group Photo

 All the photos from the workshop are available here.
About the workshop:
In contrast to the vast amount of genomic information, knowledge on the structure of protein-based molecular machines working within the cell, their interactions and processing is scarce and far more difficult to obtain. Structural methods, including molecular modeling and simulation shed light onto the molecular details of protein-protein and protein-peptide  interactions proving useful in designing strategies to control the cellular processes in which these interactions occur. Hence  structural approaches might become highly relevant for a better understanding and control ofplant-pathogen interactions. In particular, the Workshop  "Structure-guided investigation of Effector function, action and recognition" aims to assess the state of the art and evaluate the potential of structural techniques in the field and in the effort of designing strategies to preventing pathogen infection. For this, the workshop focussed on:

-Effector and host proteins: identification, biophysics and biochemistry of protein action and interactions

-Structural experiments on proteins involved in plant-pathogen interactions

-Structural bioinformatics, probailistic modelling and experimental validation

-Modelling protein-protein and interdomanin interactions using combined bioinformatics, structural analysis, experimental constraints and simulation
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