Second STSM Call: July - December 2014

Second STSM Call: July - December 2014

The first STSM call for STSMs taking place between July and December 2014 was held in April 2014.
Following the call, the following candidates were awarded funding to complete their short term scientific mission:


Home Institution

Host Institution


Helen Pennington

Imperial College
London, United Kingdom

RWTH, Aachen University
Aachen, Germany

Validating interactors for the Blumeria Effector Candidate BEC1054

Keke Wang

Laboratoire des Interactions Plantes Micro-organismes
Toulouse, France

The James Hutton Institute

Dundee, United Kingdom

Yeast two-hybrid screening to identify plant targets of a several “Core” type III effectors of R. solanacearum.

Susana Leitao

Instituto de Technologia Quimica e Biologica
Oeiras, Portugal

Instituto de Agricultura Sosentible 

Cordoba, Spain

Identification of resistant and susceptible common bean landraces in response to rust and fusarium wilt infections

Sebastian Ziemann

Max Planck Institute
Marburg, Germany

The Sainsbury Laboratory
Norwich, United Kingdom

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