Fifth STSM call: January - May 2016

Fifth STSM Call: January - May 2016

The fifth STSM call for STSMs taking place between January and May 2016.

The deadline is Wednesday 25th of November.

How to apply :

The 5th call for STSMs is now closed.

To apply, applicants must complete the online application form (quoting the action number FA1208) and send the following to the STSM coordinator (Godelieve Gheysen) at :

- a written agreement of the host institution

- a letter of support from the home institution (written agreement supervisor or group leader)

- supporting documents (CV, full work plan, list of publications, covering letter)

Gaëtan Maillot

INRA Montfavet


The James Hutton Institute

Dundee, United Kingdom

Identifying and characterizing expressed and conserved effectors from Phytophthora infestans tomato isolates

Thierry Marcel

INRA Versailles


ETH Plant Pathogen

Zurich, Switzerland

Identification                                       of pathogenicity genes in Zymoseptoria tritici through genome
wide association study

Nhat My Truong

INRA Sophia-Antipolis


The James Hutton Institute

Dundee, United Kingdom

Identification of nuclear plant targets of Meloidogyne incognita effectors

Mateusz Matuszkiewicz

Warsaw University


Universidad de Castilla la Mancha

Toledo, Spain

Transcriptional and structural mutant analysis in plant nematode interaction


Paolo Iovieno

Napoly University

Portici, Italia

Copenhagen University

Copenhagen, Denmark

Functional inference on the zucchini MLO powdery mildew susceptibility factors and toward editing of C. Pepo genome”

Zobaida Lahari

Ghent University 

Ghent, Belgium

Wageningen University

Wageningen,  The Netherlands

Root system architecture analysis of root-knot nematode resistant rice cultivars

Shona Strachan

The James Hutton Institute

Dundee, United Kingdom

Warsaw Univeristy of Life Sciences

Warsaw, Poland

Histological Response of Potato to the cyst nematode Globodera pallida pathotype Pa1

Eva Kominkova

Insitute of Experimental Botany

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Zurich Univeristy


Collaboration on barley powdery mildew genomics and bioinformatics

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