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COST Action SUSTAIN - FA1208 - Pathogen-informed strategies for sustainable broad-spectrum crop resistance


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Workshop on cellular dynamics of effector action and recognition - 9-11 April 2014

The workshop took place in Toulouse, France from 9th to 11th April 2014
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Summer Workshop - Evolutionary genomics of plant pathogens

The fifth workshop of the COST action SUSTAIN ito be held in Kiel, Germany, 26 - 28 August 2015. The workshop take place in Kiel University,...
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Pathogen-informed strategies for sustainable broad-spectrum crop resistance

3rd Annual Conference Banyuls sur Mer
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Application process now open for workshop on experimental approaches for the investigation of effector function!

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SUSTAIN is a COST Action in the Domain Food and Agriculture (FA1208) funded for the period 2013 -2017.

The objective of SUSTAIN is to develop innovative pathogen-informed strategies for sustainable and broad spectrum resistance in cereal and Solanaceae crops which are of primary importance for European agriculture. It aims to build an international network of scientists and plant breeders for the translation of breakthroughs in plant-pathogen interaction research into effective breeding and improvement strategies for durable disease resistance.

The Action addresses four research areas:

  • Pathogen effectors, key elements of pathogenicity and their role in virulence
  • Plant processes and proteins targeted by central pathogen effectors
  • Evolution of effectors in pathogen populations, resistance breakdown and emergence of new pathotypes
  • Plant immune receptors and allelic variants of host targets for sustainable and broad-spectrum resistance breeding and engineering

The Action networks 190 partners from more than 50 Universities, Academic Research Institutes and Breeding Companies from 26 countries.

If you would like to join the SUSTAIN Network and participate in the Action,  please contact SUSTAIN: